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All About Tricia Eaton

Craig Group, Vice President

Tricia Eaton serves as Craig Group’s Vice President, joining the team in March of 2020. In her college years, it was a promising pivot that Tricia made at UT Austin when she transitioned from studying creative advertising to media. The former dancer said that she initially enrolled in advertising classes to fill a creative void, but that she found the process more subjective and restrictive than she’d expected.

In putting together her portfolio, Tricia had her a-ha moment. “My portfolio work was all about where the ads were running and marrying relevance to consumers’ lives, so that drew me into media as a profession,” she shares.

Tricia began to sit in on the university’s advertising group meetings and connected with international media network Starcom who was in town recruiting. The rest is history.

“A few months later, I was a fresh face on the newly won General Motors business,” she said. “I thought it was all so exciting, and with digital media just really becoming relevant at the time, I felt like I was part of something new and cutting-edge technology.” In the years since, Tricia has worked on brands of all sizes, such as Comcast, Lopez Negrete and Zenith Optimedia.

Although she’s worked with many different companies over the years, Tricia said that there is one common thread among all of them. “It is all about strategic problem solving,” she shares. “At the end of the day a lot of work is facing challenges and coming forward with solutions. Bringing strategy into problem solving is 90 percent of any job.”

It’s still a thrill for Tricia to work in media. “Seeing campaigns come to life is cool,” she said. “When all the emails, signed IOs, meetings with clients and creative bring an idea to life and you see that marry into a campaign it is so gratifying.” 

And although some people think media marketing is a Big Brother type endeavor, Tricia says the truth is much different. “We do use data to match messaging with the target,” she said. “That’s why you see an ad for a razor when you tell Alexa to put razors on your shopping list. But advertisers don’t have a list of all your stats.”

In her work, Tricia has found that when advertisers know their audience, the audience is very open to receiving the message. “For instance, if I love a certain publication, I’m more likely to be receptive to a brand that advertises in it. I do think it can go the other way as well if you aren’t aligning with the target audience.”

Outside of the office, Tricia channels Eddie Vedder and Garth Brooks for her daughters’ nighttime lullabies and may blast a little 90s Hip Hop during her runs. She is also a skilled photographer whose family portraits for friends eventually morphed into capturing a former passion. “I used to dance for many years and was doing some donated photoshoots of performances,” she said. “The next thing I knew, I was working more and more with ballet dancers for marketing, performance and audition photography.”

She is inspired by a coffee table book of ballet photos and stories given to her by a former teacher. “I just love the raw images,” she shares.

Our team appreciates Tricia’s keen insight and unique perspective that makes her such a valuable member of our team. We look forward to seeing where she will lead us next.

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